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Blender 4.1+


v 1.0

May 2024

Liquid Generator

Awesome Shaders

Recipient Library

Fill Up & Shine

Your Blender addon for filling glasses, bottles & bowls and making them look amazing with just a few clicks. Free of the physics simulations headaches!

What Liquifeel does

Easy Fill

Quickly fill your recipients with geometry resembling a liquid inside it, instead of modeling.

Interactive Liquid

Move and rotate the recipient freely and the liquid will keep correctly interacting with it.

Awesome Shaders

Choose from an extensive library of 30+ Liquid Shaders to cover  most common beverages.

Recipients Library

Glasses, bottles, bowls and jars – we offer a 3d model library to suit all your needs.

Liquid Shaders Collection

30 Realistic Liquid Shaders

And if you think the glass is cool, wait until you see all the liquid shaders! Coffee, smoothies, wines and much more – all prepared with photorealism in mind.


Heavily Customizable

Physically based Volumetrics

Uber Glass Shader

Use the Uber Glass shader to obtain awesome-looking results, complete with physically based settings and even patterns you can add!

Physically Accurate

Heavily Customizable

Patterns Library



The liquid geometry and shaders have been created exclusively using Liquifeel.

What Liquifeel doesn't do...

…and isn’t planned to do in the future. We believe in the power of honesty and we want you to be well-informed before buying. So you should not expect:

Outflowing liquid geometry

Actual physics simulations

Fill ANY type of volume inside

To keep in mind:

Sometimes it's Slow

Laptop Smoking Illustration

Our add-on packs some seriously intense shaders and geometry nodes - it's like a workout for your computer. If it starts huffing and puffing with its fans, just consider it cheering you on. The results will make it all worthwhile!

Maybe a Couple Bugs...

Bugs Illustration

Bugs are the way any software makes sure developers don't start snoozing post-launch. They're like expected but unwanted guests at our party, and we're eager to kick them out with your feedback as our guide.

... or not

Confused user illustration

But the ancient tech wisdom goes: 'It's not a bug, it's a feature!' In some cases, that might actually be true and some functions may be designed differently than you expect. It's a good idea to dive into our Guide.

Our Mission is to push Blender forward and aid its amazing community by providing tools and know-how that we have obtained in the 20+ years of combined experience. Blender has played a pivotal role in each of the creatives in the team that made Liquifeel and we feel grateful for that. 

Looking to the future, we would love to be a part of Blender’s progression and craft tools for our creative brethren that we ourselves enjoy. We hope you enjoy Liquifeel and everything that will hopefully come in the future. 

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