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Get Involved!

We want to get you directly involved with our continued development, because you are the User – and who better to tell what needs to be added or improved? Just tap the heart icon corresponding to the feature you would like to see in Liquifeel sooner!

Possible Future Features

The features that we intend to include in future updates are listed below.  We have to decide what we are going to work next, and we want you to help us decide!

Just click on the up button for the feature(s) that most interest you. The most popular requests will be the ones that we focus on for the next update. Once a feature is introduced, it’s removed from the list.

Liquifeel Droplets symbol image

Surface Droplets Generator

Add dynamic droplets to the recipient that can be animated so we can make condensation on our beer!

Liquifeel Liquid symbol image

More Liquid
Shader Presets

Add more Liquid Shader Presets to represent even more real-life beverages or other flowing substances.

Liquifeel Scratches symbol image

Procedural Wear for Solid Shaders

Add the ability to quickly add scratches and/or dirt to the shaders from the Recipient Material Library.

Liquifeel Recipients symbol image

More Recipients
in the Asset Library

Add more 3d models to the Container Library so there is more variety of things we can fill out of the box.

Steam Presets Collection

Animated Steams

Add a steam library that automatically flows over liquids if toggled. (we plan to make both plates and vdb)

Animated shaders

Shader Animation

Add a steam library that automatically flows over liquids if toggled. (we plan to make both plates and vdb)


These feature ideas are just that for now. Implementation of features depends on many factors. If you’d like direct contact with developers and what’s happening in the development process, we recommend joining the Discord Channel. 

Our Mission is to push Blender forward and aid its amazing community by providing tools and know-how that we have obtained in the 20+ years of combined experience. Blender has played a pivotal role in each of the creatives in the team that made Liquifeel and we feel grateful for that. 

Looking to the future, we would love to be a part of Blender’s progression and craft tools for our creative brethren that we ourselves enjoy. We hope you enjoy Liquifeel and everything that will hopefully come in the future. 

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